Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop

Happy Friday!! Wishing everyone a very blessed weekend, and a Happy Valentine’s Day if you are celebrating.

Today, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share my love story with you all-well, at least the story of where it all began…because it is definitely not over yet!

***Side note…I have HATED-okay, strongly DISLIKED Valentine’s Day for as long as I can remember, but last year I celebrated it for the first time with the only man I have ever loved, and now I actually get excited about the holiday! I know that the biggest argument against the holiday is that we should show our love toward each other every day, not just one day a year…blah blah blah…but, we love being sappy and mushy and romantic, so when Hallmark (or whoever gets fingers pointed at them for creating the holiday) gives us an excuse to spoil each other and set aside a day to make extra special by saying and showing how much we love one another, why the heck not do it?!

When we got married in October, Matt and I had a wedding website (click the link if you would like to see it!), where we featured an introduction to each of  us as individuals and to where our story began. It was so much fun sitting  together and reminiscing about the days we spent getting to know each other after we met and the (very few) number of days it took for us to fall in love. We each wrote about our beginning from our own point of view, which was also a lot of fun.

Falling in love in a Coffee Shop.
Falling in love in a Coffee Shop


Here’s my side!

“In November of 2013, I had gotten together with a small group of Christian young adults from my home church and began working on putting together a young adults group intended for those in the area that were lacking a church or group to get plugged into. Week after week, we would meet at Starbucks to plan until January, when we began inviting others to join us.

Every Thursday evening, the group would meet in the corner of the store and study The Bible. Most Thursday evenings, Mr. Matt Parry would be behind the counter to greet us with a smile. Each week that he was there, we would exchange a few words until he finally asked for my name. That night, as I was leaving, Matt asked, “it’s Kaylee, right?”. I told him he was correct, then got home later that night to find a message on facebook from him. In the message, Matt was so sweet and encouraging, telling me that my actions and my behavior set me apart from every other person that had a bible study group at his store, and that something as simple as putting all of the chairs back and staying later than everyone else to clean up was a testimony in itself and made me an “ambassador of Christ”.

We began to talk more and more over the weeks. I invited Matt to attend our study, and he did. We discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood and began going for runs with each other in the evenings. Our runs quickly turned in to long walks that were perfect for conversation of our stories, our hopes and dreams, our love for The Lord, etc.

It took me a while to admit that I was developing feelings for Matt, but my mother will tell anyone that when she asked if Matt was more than a friend, my stubborn response was “mom, he’s just a friend. Not that I’m looking for anyone, but if I were, he would be exactly what I was looking for in a guy…but he’s just a friend!” My boss would tell you about the day Matt came walking in to my work with his poofy hair and big smile, making me blush…and her telling me the second he walked out, “Kaylee, you need to marry him!” My best friend would tell you the numerous times that she reminded me, “Matt is perfect for you! He’s everything you’ve always wanted in a guy!” and my brother would tell you of the time that he came home to a goofy guy wearing jeans and flip flops vacuuming out  my car and him asking me, “that guy loves you with all his heart, doesn’t he?”.

Today, I tell you that Matthew Walker Parry is EXACTLY what I was looking for in a guy, I DO need to marry him, he IS perfect for me, and he DOES love me with all his heart (as I love him with all of mine).

Weeks after we had begun a friendship, Matt invited me to attend church with him where he was leading worship. I remember walking in a couple minutes late, after the worship set had already begun, and watching as Matt worshiped God through music and it was then that I knew that I was falling for him. Since then, we have adventured together, we have traveled together, we have learned together, we have grown closer to God together, we have been an encouragement to each other, and we have loved each other more than we could ever have expected or hoped to. It takes some a very long time to find who God has made for them, but it took us only weeks to realize that we were made for each other and that God had big plans for us.  “

I love sharing how God brought the two of us together, and reflecting on how so many decisions and moves/lack of moves led to the two of us meeting and falling in love in a coffee shop.

Just for fun, here’s what Matt wrote from his point  of view!

“In January 2014, on a Thursday night, I was working a closing shift at Starbucks when a gorgeous young lady walked up to the counter to order a venti Java Chip Frappuccino with hazelnut. She was with a group of college-aged people sitting in the corner of the store. The following Thursday, the group showed up again led by the same beautiful girl, this week i was working the register so I got her name, Kaylee. Later I asked Kaylee what they were doing here week after week. She explained they were a christian college group and invited me to join them if i had a break or had a night i wasn’t working. I joined them when I could and I was really impressed with this young lady.

Over the next few weeks I watched Her. I noticed the way she led the group toward a deeper relationship with the Lord, and she would never leave with out cleaning their tables and straightening up where they were sitting. Every other group would leave a mess but she would leave the store more clean than when they arrived. After attending the college group for about a month it came out that Kaylee lived right around the corner from me. Both of us were trying to run a few times a week and neither one of us had a running partner so I asked if she would want to run with me (just as “friends” of course). I had grown quite attracted to Kay at this point and had been praying for wisdom as to what to do with my feelings for her. I didn’t want to get in another relationship if it wasn’t going to last and in the past God would say, “you haven’t met her yet,” but this time he  said, “she is the one you’ve been waiting for”. and He made it clear that I was to keep pursuing her and told me not to relent. So i did. I would go on runs with her, that turned into walks, that turned into talks, that lasted 4 hours+. We talked about our passions, our failures, what God was doing and what He was going to do. Within weeks I had fallen in Love with this girl who ordered that hazelnut java chip frapachino, and i knew that my life would never be the same. I knew that this was going to be my wife but she didnt know that yet. She admitted she liked me in march and we were offically a couple on June 11th.

I decided I was going to propose to her in Yosemite, but not till at least February. we decided to take a road trip to see Kay’s brother in Sacramento in March and on march 26th we took a day trip to Yosemite and I proposed at the foot of a water fall. We spent every day together minus 2 days since march of 2014 and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my days with the love of my life. God is never wrong.”

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I hope you enjoyed reading the beginning to our love story! I can’t wait to share more! Isn’t it great the while all love stories are beautiful, each is unique? Please share your love story with me! I would love to hear it!

As always, thank you so much for reading.

xoxo Mrs. Parry




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