New Job, Trip to Cali, Instagram, and More!


If you are new to reading Being Mrs. Parry, welcome!

If you are not new here, welcome back!

It has been a while since I’ve taken the time to post anything, but I have a good excuse! A couple, actually…

So. As you may have guessed from the title of today’s post, I got a new job, took a trip to California, created an instagram, and have more to share with you all!

If you’ve been following my story, you should know that I had (yes, had) a job as a preschool teacher. Well, at least that’s what I was hired as. Turns out, the job was at a daycare and I was teaching “preschool” to children anywhere from one year of age to five years. Also turns out, the job just was not for me. I gave it a try even after I figured out that it was not what I expected, but soon decided I needed to leave. I was so stressed by the massive amount of responsibilities that fell on my shoulders and working with an age group I am not comfortable with, that I was coming home to my husband in such an angry mood all the time. I finally had to decide that keeping a job that was bringing me down emotionally and spiritually, and was hindering my relationship with my husband was not worth it by any means. So, I quit that job and found one that I am absolutely loving! I have become a nanny for two amazing kids that are much older than the age group I have the most experience with, but are so great! I am working a lot less, which means I get to spend more time keeping my home in order, serving my husband, and getting in The Word.

Secondly, Matt and I recently took a trip to California to surprise our moms for Mother’s Day. We had initially planned on surprising all of our parents, but decided we needed help from our dads to plan the trip out. Our dads just loved having all the information that their wives didn’t but little did they know, they were in for a surprise as well! The true reason for the trip was to announce to our parents that they will soon be having a grandbaby! Yes, that’s right. Our first little Parrywinkle (the nickname we’ve given our future child..get it? PARRYwinkle! We like to think we’re clever)  is coming October of this year! We couldn’t be more excited. So, going home to California was such a special trip, but even more special with all of these surprises up our sleeves. Here are a few highlights from our trip! More photos coming soon.

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Instagram! I’ve created an Instagram to link to Being Mrs. Parry, so please follow! It will give readers another opportunity to follow Being Mrs. Parry, view more photos, and get updates on numerous things.

As you may have guessed, one of the “and more!” announcement is our Parrywinkle. With the new territory of becoming and being a mother, I will be adding a page to update you all on yet another new role of mine: Mother. So, stay tuned! I am so excited to share these new experiences with everyone, and learn from you as well!

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These handmade gifts are what we used to announce the pregnancy to our families! Tutorial on how to make them coming soon!


Lastly, another exciting adventure in the Parry household is, well, looking for a new place for our growing household. We moved from California to Montana just six months ago, and have already outgrown our 700 sqft, one bedroom apartment. We’re actively looking for a house to purchase in our beautiful new home, Billings, MT which you will also be updated on.

So many new and exciting things! Please keep the Parry’s in your prayers as we venture into unfamiliar territory and await the arrival our little one.

Thank you so much for reading,

xoxo Mrs. Parry


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