Hidden Paradise Wedding

Wow, August is already here!

Summer is almost over, which means a lot more than it used to for me.

Sweet Summer’s end means the coming of Fall. The coming of Fall means we are so, so close to holding our sweet baby boy.

Unlike the city I used to live in (in the desert), beautiful Montana sports so. many. colors. in the fall, it’s absolutely stunning. I love actually getting to see the seasonal changes that take place in a state that gets to experience four distinct seasons, as opposed to hot, really hot, hot with some wind, hot with some rain, and “oh hey, it’s nice and chilly today!”.

The coming end of Summer means we will soon be living in our very first home soon, and that holiday season is quickly approaching! Holiday season. Holiday season with not only a husband, but a child. A family of three. In a cozy house of our own.

God has blessed us so very much, and we can’t wait to see how he uses us and our new home to serve him.

Summer’s end also means that our first wedding anniversary is just around the corner. Anniversary! That means it’s almost been a year since we vowed our lives to each other. A year. And what a year it’s been…

Just before we got married, The Lord placed in my heart the decision to wait a year to get back into ministry in a new church. As you know, Matt and I got married in October and then moved to a new state in November, which meant settling in as newlyweds in a brand new place, church, job, home, etc. I was praying for guidance, and when God placed this decision on my heart, I was a little nervous to share it with Matt. Little did I know, He had already spoken to Matt’s heart about the same exact thing. So, we made the joint decision to allow ourselves a year to adjust to the new pace of life, marriage, and changes that we would experience after October.

Well, that one year mark is quickly approaching, and we are so excited to get back into ministry wherever God wants us. We are also so happy that we made this decision months ago, because we truly have had a lot of adjusting to do.

I would encourage anyone who is engaged or is dating to really take the time to speak with God about similar guidance and how He would ask you to make room for adjustment in your life. Marriage truly is such a huge life-changer, and the way you do things before getting married may not be the same afterwards, including spending quality time with God and being super involved in ministry and the church. Having a new life partner to adjust to living with, serving, pleasing, and growing with is a lot more time consuming than some expect before they get married. It’s wonderful, but also takes a lot of effort and a lot of-I’m going to say it again-adjusting. Give it time, give it all you’ve got, give it prayer, and most of all give it to God. There will be things you’re not prepared for, things you don’t know how to handle, things you didn’t know you disagreed on, etc. Give. It. Time.

Anywho, while on the topic of weddings, I wanted to finally share our wedding photos! We are so pleased with how these turned out, I have no idea why it took me so dang long to share these! Our wedding was photographed by our friends at Bradley Lanphear. There are a LOT of photos. Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting!


Mrs. Parry

Venue: Hearts Home Farm
Photographer: Rhema Images Photography
Florist: The Arrangement Gallery Florist
Bakery: Jodee’s Bakery
Caterer: Tony Directo
DJ: Chris Franklin


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