8 Months With Hudson Walker


As slowly as this last stretch of pregnancy seems to be progressing (only 5 weeks left!!), my first journey with pregnancy has gone by so stinking fast!

Can you believe I’m already 35 weeks pregnant?

I remember the day I found out that a little Parrywinkle was brewing inside of my tummy like it was yesterday. I remember officially deciding to “try” to get pregnant right around the same time I was having to go to the doctors every month or so for UTI’s (ugh.). Each visit, the doctor would test me to see if I was pregnant, and give me a big fat “no”, just as my home tests would give me a big fat “negative” or “not pregnant”. In spite of all of the no’s, one day, I just knew. I knew I was pregnant. I felt it in my bones, and I just knew for certain that I was right. At this point, I had two doctors visits in within 10 days regarding a UTI, and BOTH told me that I was not pregnant even though I said there was definitely a chance that I was. Still, I was prescribed antibiotics that were safe to take while growing a baby. After being told I was still not pregnant (again), I did not lose my certainty. A few days later, I told my husband that I was going to use the last pregnancy test I had left, just to see what would happen. I casually “peed on the stick”, then waited the three minutes that the box directed me to wait. My heart was beating so fast as I waited for the longest three minutes of my life, but when I finally looked at the test, I received my first positive symbol ever. I was so in shock that I was actually looking at a positive pregnancy test-MY positive pregnancy test, that I ran out of the bathroom and showed the test to my husband and asked “what does that look like? How many lines do you see?!”. He couldn’t have been more calm as he described to me what he saw on the “stick”. Then, I repeatedly said to him, “it’s positive! I’m pregnant!”. The excitement didn’t quite reach his face as quickly as I had hoped it would, but  holy cow. I got a positive test. I asked him to go to the store with me to get another test for confirmation, and that’s what we did. I got one of the fancy digital tests, and was told in one single word that I was, in fact, having a baby. “Pregnant,” the test read. PREGNANT. It also told me that I was 1-2 weeks along in my pregnancy, which meant it was very new, but also that I was very right.

Now, 8 months later, we know that our little Parrywinkle is a boy. Our baby boy will be named Hudson Walker Parry, and we cannot wait to meet him. I’ve already had the honor and the pleasure of having this special connection that only Hudson and I get to experience together during this pregnancy, but I am so excited to hold my sweet baby boy for the first time and to be his mommy.

Last week, Mr. Parry and I took our own maternity photos, and I absolutely love the outcome! Maternity photos have always been a challenge to me, and we had no idea what we were doing when we took these, but I think they turned out great.

Take a look!


As you can see, my belly is quite the spectacle! After accepting that this is what is going to happen to be because I am pregnant, I no longer feel “fat”, but beautiful. I feel beautiful in my motherly body, and so so blessed to be carrying something so delicate and special inside of me. I can’t wait to hold my son!

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Mrs. Parry


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