Happy Fall, everyone!
As my pregnancy is (oh, so slowly) coming to an end, I am extremely excited to be done with the heat of Summer! All Summer long, I attempted to wear as little as I could to stay cool, but was limited to only a few articles of clothing that would fit. I know, I know…First world problems, right? Poor me, poor me.

But seriously.

Why didn’t anyone warn me about Summer pregnancy?! I feel like such a baby, but man that was rough. I’d been carrying around 40 pounds (yes, 40 POUNDS!) of extra weight in 90-100 degree weather, having a difficult time breathing, and sweating what seemed to be a million times more than I did pre-pregnancy. Not. Fun.

Anyway… like my complaining, the Summer has come to an end. Fall is here, and I am so dang happy!

Here in Billings, August came to an end and the heat left with it. September rolled around, and instantly it was 10-20 degrees cooler out. Now, I get to pull our my once over-sized sweaters and have more clothes that fit for a while! Woohoo!

I know I have been terrible at posting as of late, but I have had such an itch to write lately, so hopefully I am coming out of this slump! Lately, every time I’ve gotten on the computer to try and write, I’ve just not had much inspiration or motivation…so I would usually end up on Netflix to binge watch New Girl and be lazy instead.

Today, I look at how many drafts I have saved from numerous attempts to write, and I laugh!

Here are a few updates that I can pull from said drafts:

  1. If you follow me on instagram, maybe you’ve noticed that I am slowly but surely gaining more followers! I initially began using instagram in order to bring attention to my blog, but I’ve been having so much fun connecting with other mommy bloggers and creating a little community of inspirational mommies, beautiful babies, and others who have similar interests. Fortunately, creating an instagram has proved to be successful in bringing more traffic to Being Mrs Parry, as I have had more viewers this month than ever before! So, if you are one of the viewers that was directed here from instagram, thank you for your visit!

    Being Mrs. Parry on Instagram
  2. We are officially moved into our very first house! Are we unpacked? Ha! No! But we are living in our little fixer upper, and we’re slowly getting things done. I will be gradually posting before and after pictures as we make progress, which is happening slowly.

    Our Fixer Upper
  3. We adopted a kitten! Her name is Luna, after Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. She’s a petite black cat, who was rescued by a sweet woman from a dump, along with seven siblings. The woman attempted to keep her, but her male cat attempted to kill her.. Therefore, she decided to give the, then nameless, kitty away to a good home-ours! We love her, and have enjoyed watching her grow into such a feisty personality.

    Hi, I’m Luna Parry! I used to hate going outside, but now I try to sneak out every time the door is opened, I only like car rides if I get to sit under the seat or on someone’s shoulders, I love playing with my dad’s socks and anything my mom tells me I can’t play with, I went potty in the litter box my first day in my new home, I love to attack Granger when she least expects it, and I am pretty certain that I own the place!
  4. We…also adopted a puppy! In the same week! The vet we’ve been visiting called me a glutton…Three babies all at once! Crazy? Maybe. But I am having so much fun! Granger is our little Border Collie pup, also named after a Harry Potter character. And, NO, she is not a boy! Everyone that hears her name automatically associates her with tractors and assumes she’s a boy. The vet “corrected” my paperwork and changed her sex to male, my nana told me Granger is not feminine looking and has a boy name so she refuses to call her a girl, and most other people refer to her as a him. Rude…Granger is such a blast, but has so much energy that, although was expected, maybe wasn’t prepared for. It’s been a pretty big adjustment in our home to have a teething, high energy, institutionally herding puppy, but I love her so much!

    Hi, I’m Granger! I am teething so I love chewing on anything and everything that is wooden or chewable, I love to chew on my kitty sister, and her poop tastes pretty great, too! I have already learned how to sit on command, go potty outside (most of the time), how to walk on a leash, and I am learning Fetch. My dad says he doesn’t like it when I jump on his face when he’s laying down, but I do it anyway because I believe that deep down he really loves it. I like to sit on my mom’s feet, which requires me to follow her around and plop on them the second she stops moving.
  5. I’m making friends! I haven’t really mentioned this so much, but since our move to Montana it has been really hard to make friends. My first job here, I worked with a bunch of women that were less than nice to me; and now I work without any coworkers, and connecting in church was such a challenge for our first 10 months here. Now, I’ve made friends with some of Matt’s coworkers, who are also connecting me with other new mommies, and we have FINALLY found a home church where we have already been made a part of the family.
  6. In a recent post, I had mentioned that Matt and I were taking a year off from being in ministry beginning when we got married, and that I was excitedly awaiting the opportunity to get back into ministry somewhere. Well, I am happy to announce (again) that we have found a home church! Last week, they held volunteer sign ups for all areas of ministry, so we signed up for a few different areas and were welcomed with excited, open arms! It just so happens that the areas we have a heart to serve in are areas that have need. Isn’t it amazing how God works? He is so good! I can’t wait to serve in a church again and become a part of a church family again.

Aside from the updates, I don’t have a whole lot for you today, but know that I am getting back into writing and will have more to say very soon! I have lots of home pictures to share, baby and pregnancy updates, DIY tutorials, and recipes! If you’d like to stay connected in between blog posts, please visit my instagram!

As always, thank you so much for reading. If you’d like to, please comment below and share what brought you to Being Mrs. Parry! I’d love to know. Again, happy Fall!

xoxo Mrs. Parry


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