Take a Minute

Hi, I’m a mom. A new mom, at that.

Being a mom, I feel I have the right to give a bit of advice to other moms. (Only welcomed advice, of course). But, being a new mom, I feel other moms may not feel I have much credibility.

Here’s the thing…I’m about to give parental advice, but I will provide you with this disclaimer: I have only been a mom for four months (gasp!). I know, I know, who do I think I am over here? What gives a mom-of-four-months the idea she can advise other moms?! Well, the answer is four months of experience. Any amount of experience is experience…right?

So, here it is, the biggest piece of advice I have. Are you ready?

Take a minute.

Take. a. freaking. minute.

I know you’ve got a lot to do-believe me, I do. But is that really more important than spending time with your child?

One of these days, you’re going to realize your baby isn’t such a baby anymore. Whether it be four months that have rapidly passed by, or 18 years that have flashed before your eyes, you r little one isn’t as little as he/she used to be. If you sit back and think about it, how many “minutes” with your little one do you wish you would have just slowed down and appreciated? Do it now, while you can!

Take a minute to just hold that sweet boy so close.
Take a minute to actually feel your baby girl’s breath against your chest.
Take a minute to appreciate the ever prominent smell of baby skin.
Take a minute to brush your fingers through his fine, wispy hair.
Take a minute to admire how small her fingers are as they tightly grasp the collar of your shirt.
Take a minute.

Take a minute to put down your device and join in on the endless babbling.
Take a minute to be there, be present, and save the picture-taking for another time.
Take a minute to appreciate the moment you are in, instead of wishing for more time to do other things.
Take a minute to act silly and do the “adult” things later.
Take a minute.

Take a minute to sing a sweet song to him as he fades into sleep.
Take a minute to rock her just a little longer, even though she’s already asleep.
Take a minute to dance with him even though he shouldn’t still be awake.
Take a minute to appreciate that wide-awake smile, even though you’re so looking forward to her bed time.
Take a minute.

I get it. I get that there’s work to be done, messes to be cleaned, but are the minutes spent doing the work and cleaning the messes worth the minutes not spent truly appreciating your time with your little one?

I’m in no way saying that being a homemaker is not important, or that you should abandon your responsibilities in your home. I’m simply implying that your children are also important. That you should take a minute, take a break every once in a while and make some memories with them. Take a minute to be aware of, and be present in what your child is doing in the midst of all the business of adulthood.

Your job as a parent is so important.
Your role as a homemaker or as a provider for your family is important.
Your time is important.
But, take a minute.
Take a minute before you have no more minutes to take to be with your children-before your children are no longer children, no longer under your roof, and no longer need you every second of every day.
Take a minute.

Okay? Okay.
There you have it, my piece of advice.
I may only be four months into motherhood, but I have truly come to cherish every one of those “minutes” I’ve taken to just appreciate and love on my baby boy. It still blows my mind that he’s been here for four months! So little time, yet so many days that have just come and gone! My four-month-old is no longer that little swaddled bundle of squishy baby that I brought home from the hospital, and one day he will no longer be my little tank of a four-month-old. So, I am absolutely loving taking a minute to hold him tight, sing him to sleep, make him smile, and just sit and snuggle with him even when there is a pile of dishes to be cleaned in the next room. I highly recommend it! You won’y regret it, guaranteed.

Take a minute, will you?

Mrs. Parry



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