Review: One Plus One Yoga

Honesty time..

Okay, so I used to be in pretty great shape before I got married. When I got married, I was running and eating a pretty healthy diet. Then, I got pregnant.

I tried, I did…I tried to keep up with a healthy diet and an exercising routine, but the cravings for Taco Bell, ice cream, and pizza were just. too. strong. And running/attempting any kind of exercise other than walking was just too difficult with all the extra weight I was carrying (I gained 70-yes, you read that right-SEVENTY pounds when I was pregnant).

Well, now I am 5 months postpartum and am very, very out of shape. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mama bod. I’ve never been more confident in my body in my life. I have so much self love after experiencing pregnancy and childbirth. The thing I don’t love is my lack of muscle and strength.

My husband and I both are pretty out of shape, and have been doing what we can to try and get back into a regular exercise routine. We sometimes struggle to come up with things to do when exercising, but one type of exercise we have found a love for is yoga!

We had both had past experience with yoga, but neither one of us had really committed to learning much about it or really practicing it much.

When I started using instagram, another user (instructor of online yoga classes at One Plus One Yoga) reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to utilize her online yoga classes in exchange for an honest review. I was delighted, and agreed!

**Disclaimer: I was provided with a free membership to One Plus One Yoga in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in regards to these classes are my own and are in no way influenced by the providers or their affiliates in any way**

After having the baby, it took us quite a while to actually push ourselves to get active again. It took me almost 7 weeks to recover from childbirth, and then it took even longer to adjust to new sleeping patterns with a newborn. This caused me to wait quite a while to use my free membership with One Plus One Yoga. Once we finally began to get active and start regularly exercising, I suggested an online yoga class to my husband as a means of a not-too-difficult exercise. We decided to start with Yoga For Weight Loss (Part 1), which is a beginner/level 1 class. Let me tell you…this class kicked. our. butts. We didn’t quite realize just how out of shape we were until we attempted to do over thirty minutes of yoga! All you committed Yogis, I applaud you and apologize for ever thinking that yoga was “easy”!

The class was great, though! Here are a few of my (our) favorite things about the website and the class.

  1. THE INSTRUCTOR and RANGE OF DIFFICULTYRegina Casner does a fantastic job at instructing at a pace that is understandable for beginners such as ourselves. She walks through each pose and describes what part of the body you should be utilizing throughout each pose, and encourages you to push yourself throughout the class while also providing alternative poses for those who are not yet confident with yoga or need to take it easy for a few minutes. It’s great that you can begin with a “beginners” course and move on to higher levels of difficulty as you gain the endurance and confidence.
  2. THE MATERIAL. Not only was Regina great, but the material was awesome! I genuinely mean that. Matt and I both thoroughly enjoyed doing a beginners course and, although it was definitely exercise, felt so relaxed and loosened up afterward. It was nice to be able to take a slower-paced course and learn as we went.
  3. THE SIMPLICITY. Another great aspect of the course material is that the videos are so simple. Unlike in numerous other workout videos, you are not bombarded with a screen full of fitness models who make you feel like you are inferior to those teaching the course . Regina instructs the courses alone there are no on-screen distractions from what she is saying and doing. Don’t get me wrong-she looks fantastic and is great at what she teaches, but she is also dressed modestly and is not rubbing her in-shape body in the faces of those of us who are not in such great shape. She isn’t yelling at her students through her screen, but is simply encouraging us and speaking at a neutral tone (which is a yoga trait, but is still nice), which creates a simplistic, relaxing atmosphere.
  4. THE CONVENIENCE. I mean, seriously. It’s an online yoga class. How more convenient can it be? Wherever you are, whenever you have the time, you can pull out your device and log into your account to take a yoga class. Need a yoga routine to do every morning when you wake up? There’s a class for you. Need a routine before you go to bed every night? There’s a class for you. Short on time and need a quick class to take? There’s a class for you. Looking for something to get you active for 30-60+ minutes? There’s a class for you! There’s a class for everyone. The beauty of having your yoga instructor available at the touch of a button (or screen) is that you can take the class wherever you want. Take your device outside and do some yoga in the fresh air under the sun. If you are more of an introvert, close all the curtains, get in your yoga pants or leggings, roll  out the mat and take a class in the comfort of your own home. If you have kids and your only free time is when they’re sleeping, then this is also a great opportunity for you! You can put the babes to bed, then head over to whatever space you have in your kid-run home and take a class that is the perfect length for you during nap/bedtime. Regina is has a family and understands the hustle and bustle of everyday life. She gets it!
  5. IT’S SAFE. As I mentioned before, when you watch these class videos, you are not getting a screen full of half-naked fitness models, but rather a modestly dressed, real life, yoga instructor. It’s safe in regards to what you are displaying in your home in front of your children (if immodesty is a concern) and you don’t have to worry about wandering eyes catching a glimpse of something that can be perceived as inappropriate. Regina is also a woman of faith, and incorporates her love for Jesus Christ in her teaching and her conversation. What a great opportunity for her to minister and encourage others! Regina says, “My faith in Jesus Christ is an important and integral part of my life. As a Christ-follower, my yoga journey started with a lot of apprehension and inconsistency. I did not want to hinder my faith in Christ because of my yoga practice, which is known for its roots in eastern religion. However, after diligent prayer, research, and practice, I have found yoga to be an amazing tool that not only improved my physical and mental health, but also helped my focus during times of prayer and Bible study. And, I want to share what I’ve learned with others,” and I’m so glad she’s chosen to  do so.

One addition I think would make these online yoga classes even more doable and convenient is having a section of classes that incorporate holding a baby or doing yoga with a toddler/older child. The only time my husband and I get to exercise together is about an hour or two before Hudson goes to bed, and he can get pretty cranky around that time. If there was a class on doing yoga while holding your baby, that would be perfect for me and other busy moms to take when there just isn’t getting around holding the baby. When I was a preschool teacher, I would use another online yoga class geared toward young children and the kids absolutely loved it! Even adding a section specifically for children would be a fantastic addition, and I know lots of moms who would appreciate having a healthy and active option for keeping their little ones entertained.
Another great addition would be the ability to add class videos to some kind of “watch later” dashboard, and be able to go back through the classes you’ve already taken. That way, for example, if you decide to take the Unwinding From Your Day class every evening, you can easily access the class video in your dashboard instead of having to search for it every day.

Well, there you have it. One Plus One Yoga is a great resource for those who have a desire to get/stay active and healthy but need someone to instruct them, need something more convenient than a gym, or need something that is safe to watch with little eyes in the room, is simple, has a variety of levels of difficulty, and is instructed by someone who incorporates her faith in her teaching and is passionate about what she does but is still encouraging to those who are not yet as confident. Head on over and get yourself a membership. You will not regret it!

Matt and I have continued to take classes on and are enjoying it. Today, we went on a long run, then took a 12 minute class and called it a night. Next time, we may spend less time on cardio and more time on a core-building yoga routine. The beauty of it is, we have so many choices!


As always, thank you so much for reading and God bless.

Mrs. Parry


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