Kay Renee Images

Wow. I am seriously overcome by humility at the moment!

I haven’t been very public with this (aside with instagram, which I guess is pretty public haha), but I have been spending the last few months starting a business with my photography. I have enjoyed photography for over eight years, but in December of last year, I decided I was finally going to take the plunge and make a business out of it in my new home in Billings, MT!

Well, I decided to start the first week of January, by advertising a model call in a local buy-sell Facebook groups, and was shocked by the response my advertisement got. Since January, I have been doing photo sessions of all sorts, and have been having a blast!

My favorites so far have been two styled wedding photo shoots. I advertised a need for a bride and groom, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, and a florist to put together a mock wedding to photograph. I ended up having such a big response that I got to put together two of these photo shoots! It was so fun!

I got to work with two incredible groups of women to put these together and am ecstatic about the turnout!

As I sit at the computer late tonight (which has actually become a nightly routine), I am so humbled by the number of people who had helped me build my portfolio, and by the doors that God has been opening for me with the start  of my new business. Every time I have gotten even the slightest bit discouraged or knocked down, another door has been opened for me and I get excited again.

Another thing that has been so humbling for me is the opportunity to provide affordable photos for people. I have been offering rally low prices for the past 3 months, and have been overjoyed by the happiness that I see in my clients’ eyes when they get to take family, newborn, maternity, couple, or birth photos either for free or for a low price that they can afford. I may not be the world’s best photographer, but I still love what I do and love that I can give people something that they may not be able to afford from someone else. It has seemed, to me anyway, that the community of photographers is made up of so many people who are only willing to help each other if they are not “competing” in the same area. Of course, there are others who are not that way, but so many are that way…and many also focus on the money so much that the heart of what they are doing seems to be shadowed by the money they can get from the client.

I don’t want to ever lose my love for photographing people, and focus solely on the money…I feel that too may people turn their art into a business and end up losing their love for what their doing because of the money aspect. This humility and joy that I feel when I photograph other people is something I hope I never lose sight of. It’s such a great feeling doing something that I love and sharing it with others to make them happy!

Anyway, the reason I’m up so late tonight is I’ve been working on a promotional video for my website, and would love to share it! I’m not quite confident enough to share it with my friends and family, but I would still love to get it out in the open! This is, after all, something I am passionate about!

If you get a second, please check it out! In case you haven’t guessed already, my business is Kay Renee Images!


Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Parry


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