8 Months With Hudson Walker

In spite of all of the no’s, one day, I just knew. I knew I was pregnant. I felt it in my bones, and I just knew for certain that I was right.


DIY Baby Onesies

I had such a blast making these, and they caused absolutely no stress at all. They’re the perfect way to incorporate your favorite movies, bands, hobbies, art pieces, quotes, etc. into your little one’s wardrobe! If you’d like to save some money on fashionable pieces for your kids, I highly encourage you to make your own!

DIY Table Numbers

This is such a fun project, and it doesn’t take a lot of materials. If you would like to add a super personal touch to your table numbers for a wedding, party, etc. add some photos! I’ve seen this done in numerous ways, but I’ll give a tutorial on how I went about creating these table numbers for my wedding!