This One’s For the Girls

I know that I am just one voice, but hopefully my words affect at least one person. I also know that not everyone holds the same values, but I really hope that self-respect and the value of intimacy is not completely lost.


Hidden Paradise Wedding

While on the topic of weddings, I wanted to finally share our wedding photos! We are so pleased with how these turned out, I have no idea why it took me so dang long to share these! Our wedding was photographed by our friends at Rhema Images Photography. There are a LOT of photos. Enjoy!

DIY Baby Onesies

I had such a blast making these, and they caused absolutely no stress at all. They’re the perfect way to incorporate your favorite movies, bands, hobbies, art pieces, quotes, etc. into your little one’s wardrobe! If you’d like to save some money on fashionable pieces for your kids, I highly encourage you to make your own!